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 Ouray 2020 Economic Development Plan    
The Ouray 2020 Economic Development Plan is available for viewing and download by clicking on the following links:

Cover Letter for Ouray 2020 Economic Development Plan

Ouray 2020 Economic Development Plan

This plan was developed based upon input from the Ouray 2020 Survey conducted last spring, focus groups, public meetings and presentations, and individual interviews with community members with specific knowledge and interest in each of the cluster areas. After reading the report, please share your feedback and thoughts. You can leave a comment here on this webpage, place written comments in the drop box in City Hall (it's near the drinking fountain), or contact any of the members of the Community Development Committee with your comments.

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Ouray 2020 Economic Development Plan
Authored by: wnrule on Monday, April 21 2008 @ 02:59 PM MDT

THIS IS SECOND TRY-Hope it comes through.

HOUSING- YES- affordable, with a possible senior component that might have assisted living available.

SCHOOL- Keep at least grade school in town and consider a joint Ridgway/Ouray half way down the valley where perhaps the two towns could get better acquainted.

ECONOMICS- Diversity yes, discourage any more "gift" shops.

ARTS-Yes, within the capability of existing skills and volunteers. Don't over do- BIOTA buildings ?

HISTORIC PRESERVATION- Buildings and remnant mining heritage. Perhaps the biggest asset to the community aside from the natural setting/scenry and the people.Historic tours and Ouray's own historic dist. Support Ouray Historic District Committee's (OHDC)efforts to prevent further losses like the Witherspoon pediment and perhaps the Livery barn. Need a historic ordinance- see structures below. We need an educational approach that would overcome the oldguard feelings that this is just the old junk we grew up with that should be modernized and or replaced. Keep our archetural heritage for economic as well as visual values. SUPPORT THE MUSEUM AND THE OURAY HISTORIC COMMITTEE'S EFFORT TO PROTECT AND RESTORE THIS HERITAGE!

STRUCTURES-Outsized, out of scale houses and business structures should be restricted to the north corridor if they insist on being commercial in size and design. Keep structures in the business district compatible with existing buildings in relation to size (mass) and archetural design. The hillside(s) above Ouray especially those within the City Limits need some controls so that we don't take on the aspect of houses climbing to the skyline like Telluride. Buildings should be compatible with our community both historically and environmentally. What is growing up on our east flank if replicated several or more times will change the whole visual aspect of our community- if it already hasn't already. Greg Genuit's offer for east hillside lots need serious consideration by the City.

STREETS- Pave as money and opportunities arrise. PARKING- An off street parking facility needs consideration. Maybe down by the river where we store snow now? Utilities: power/tele lines- put underground as opportunities provide the chance to do so. Winter plowing- Keep plowed snow off the Main St. sidemalks. Coordinate with CDOT.

CITY PASS- Sounds like a good idea. Make a trial run- punched by use and multi year valid.

MINER'S HERITAGE PARK- Have commented at some length on this previously. Keep in town, do not more to Rotary Park- numerious reasons. See my previous comments.

STRATEGY- National Forests- Coordinate with USFS (Ouray District,Uncompahgre NF on considering a local concessionaire after current National Administration's accentuating of privatization and making money declines. The present selection of operaters results in out of state people with little or no knowlwdge of local geography and conditions/attraction being awarded the maintenance contracts.

NORTH CORRIDOR- Consider some green space along the river and east and west of the highway before the area is over built and drained. Reduce and or eliminate the waste piles,and outside equipment storage. Consider an underground City garage like Hinkson has made on the river road- the INDERground is a start? With possible loss of the Livery barn as a recreation resource, consider/encourage a horse rental facility in this area.

GERTHERMAL- By all means. Past mistakes aside, we have a resource that could benefit us all. At least remove the City's monoply on it's use by private parties and let those with access develope and use if the City is not going to in the near future. Dog in the manger ?

ENERGY CLUSTERS- Expand Jacobson's plant, green houses from geothermal heat.

BALL PARK USE- consider Antique and Classic car meets, shows, and ralleys. Benjy Kuehling has perhaps the best collection of restored antique car brass in the US. Although relectant to show to large groups on a regular basis,this is a collection that would attract a well-to-do
clientele from all over.

Walt Rule