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 City's Strategic Plan    
In early February of 2014, the Ouray City Council participated in a Council retreat facilitated by Ken Charles of the Department of Local Affairs. The intent of the retreat was to begin developing a Strategic Plan for the City organization. The City Council met to discuss and agree upon goals for the organization and to begin development of objectives to achieve those goals. Over the following months...

the City’s staff, through the Leadership Team, then met with Mr. Charles to develop a list of the necessary tasks to accomplish the goals and objectives identified by the City Council. The City Council and the Leadership Team then came together in mid-June to review the draft strategic plan including the identified Council actions, priority levels, timelines, and staff impacts of the tasks to support the goals.

City Council adopted the Strategic Plan during the July 21st City Council meeting. This Plan will now be utilized by the City Council and the City staff to create focus and achieve the vision and goals of the City Council. This document will be considered by the City Council when making decisions, by the City staff when identifying annual plans and daily tasks, and will be utilized to identify priorities with the Capital Expenditure Plan and annual budget.

Please review the Strategic Plan and provide input. This is a living document that the City’s Leadership Team will regularly review with the City Council and update as time progresses and tasks are completed.