Business Registration


Business Registration

When is Business Registration required?

  1. If you own a business in Ouray city limits (no matter whether it is home-based or storefront)
  2. If you conduct business within Ouray limits
  3. If you enter Ouray city limits to sell items or to render a service
  4. If you have recently bought a business in Ouray
  5. If you have changed your business location in Ouray
  6. A business must notify the City of any change in ownership, contact information, address, number of employees, or other pertinent business operation information
  7. A business must register for each physical location 
  8. Home Occupation Businesses (must meet standards per Chapter 7, Section 5-J-2 of Ouray Municipal Code)

All businesses operating in Ouray must submit a complete Business Registration Application and fee to the City Clerk. The City of Ouray Business Registration Fee is $10.00 per business (Resolution No. 16, Series 2021). A penalty of two times the yearly registration fee shall be collected if the business fails to renew by May 31st of each year.  

Online Business Registration & Payment Portal:

The City Staff are pleased to announce that you can now register your business and pay online!
After listening to business owner feedback, the City has developed an online form where you can submit your business registration information, and pay simultaneously using a card or checking account (e-check). Click below to access the portal registration form, where you can pay after entering your information. A small service fee will be applied.

If digital forms aren't your thing, don't worry, we are still accepting paper forms as well. If you have any problems with the portal, please report them to the administrative staff at City Hall as this is a new process. 

Online Business Registration and Payment Portal

Business Registration Application (PDF Format)
Business Registration Application (fillable PDF)

Benefits of Ouray’s Business Registry:

  • Help first responders easily contact local businesses in the event of a medical emergency, fire, or disaster.
  • Help local law enforcement communicate safety concerns more easily to affected businesses.
  • Help the City of Ouray become a Certified Main Street Community and obtain critical State funding for businesses.
  • Help local and regional business owners network and benefit from a public list of existing businesses across industries.

What is the process for getting a business registration application approved?

Applications submitted for businesses located inside city limits are directed to the City Clerk's Office to complete registration. The City Clerk will coordinate with business owners or authorized agents throughout the registration process and will enroll businesses in Ouray County’s Wireless Emergency Notification Systems (WENS) unless elected to opt-out. 

Business Registration is required (via Ordinance No. 9, Series 2021) and hereby effective beginning December 18, 2021. 

Currently Registered City of Ouray Businesses:
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Registration Fees:

Full Fee Schedule, per City of Ouray Resolution No. 3, Series 2013: Exhibit A 

Ouray Municipal Code Section

Administrative License/Permit


Business Registration

Business operating in Ouray

$10 per year

Church, Nonprofit Organization, Charity

No Charge