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City Administrator

City Administrator - Silas Clarke

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Silas Clarke joined the City of Ouray on November 30th of 2020 as our new City Administrator. Silas was previously the City Administrator of Hickman, Nebraska for over seven years. Hickman is one of the fastest growing communities in Nebraska and his time in the position focused on water and waste water utilities, along with economic development and land development. His past work experience included working as the Assistant Grant Administrator for the City of Omaha and as a Director for the University of Nebraska – Omaha. Silas has a Bachelor’s of Science in Political Science, Master’s in Public Administration with an Emphasis in Local Government and is an International City\Council Management Association Credentialed City Manager. He moved to Ouray with his girlfriend Sarah Gray and enjoys backpacking, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and brewing beer.

The role of the City Administrator is to serve as the Chief Operating Officer for the city and direct the planning, delivery and evaluation of all municipal services and activities. The City Administrator manages day-to-day operations and internal affairs of the city; defines and evaluates city-wide operational performance; serves as primary contact person in negotiations between the City and other parties on agreements, contracts, permits, acquisitions and leases; and manages and oversees the preparation and administration of the City’s budget.

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