Rotary Park


Rotary Park

Rotary_Park_rock_climbers_008***Camping is not allowed in any City park***

Located approximately one mile north of the Ouray Hot Springs Pool on Highway 550, Rotary Park is a multi-use park maintained by the City of Ouray. Rotary Park has several picnic tables set comfortably in the shade of a grove of tall spruce and fir trees. Many times rock climbers can be seen on the tall cliff that immediately adjoins the border of Rotary Park. A short walk to Chautauqua Lane, across the highway, leads to the Uncompahgre River Trail.

In the winter Rotary Park is the location of Ouray’s popular ice rink. Rotary Park has restrooms and water available in the summer months.

The picnic area is available to rent for your event needs. The park rental application is listed below, as well as the calendar for availability.

Liquor, wine or beer cannot be sold or given away at a public event without first applying for a Special Event Permit. Such a permit can also be obtained from City Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, at 970-325-7064. It is important that you plan ahead since this process takes a minimum of six (6) weeks for approval from the State Licensing Board. CLICK HERE for more information. Application listed below.

If Goods will be sold during your event, has a Huckstering Permit Application been made?  CLICK HERE for more information. Application listed below.

Rental Agreement Forms

If you have questions or concerns about reservations for any of the above-listed areas please contact:

Communications & Community Engagement Coordinator - Autumn Bailey

Park Rental Questions


Ouray Ice Skating Rink in Rotary Park
Status is weather-dependent. Please check the calendar below, or call our Visitor Center for up-to-date info: 970-325-3954.


Thank you to the Parks and Recreation Committee (PARC), especially Brock Adams and all of the volunteers, for their dedication to installing the new liner and kick plates. This new liner will assist with water retention within the rink and allow for more consistent ice.

The warming hut heater will be turned on each morning before 8:00 am and will remain open until dark. Free skates are available for use in the warming hut, along with disinfectant spray. If anyone would like to donate skates, please place them on the rack inside the warming hut for all to use. Ice_skaters_smallThe ice at the Ouray Ice Rink is created naturally by the cold nighttime temperatures of winter. Depending upon the weather, the rink is typically open from mid-December until late February or early March - providing hours of fun. The rink is lit at night for the special experience of skating under the stars. The small warming hut provides shelter when needed, but most people stay warm simply from the activity of skating.

Every winter broomball and hockey leagues are formed for those who desire a little playful competition on the ice.

The Ice Rink may be closed at other times for repair and maintenance.

Interested in broomball or hockey? Please contact the Communications and Community Engagement office, 970-325-7078,  or email for more information.

Please do not skate on the ice when temperatures are above freezing or when water is standing on the ice. 

Maintained by a small group of dedicated volunteers, the Ouray Ice Rink is a popular winter activity attracting locals and visitors seeking the pleasures of winter in the San Juan Mountains. After skating, a soak in the Ouray Hot Springs Pool and a warm meal in town make for a perfect day! 

Please contact the Communications and Community Engagement office, 970-325-7078, for more information.