Building Services & Forms

The City of Ouray Building Inspector is charged with providing for life safety and the safeguard of property through enforcement of the International Building and Mechanical Codes and other codes, laws, and ordinances.

Matt Haldeman
Building Inspector

Dan Reardon
Interim* Building Inspector - Inspections on Tuesday and Friday
*Dan Reardon will continue to work as the City's Interim Building Inspector as the City transitions to Mr. Haldeman, the City's full-time Building Inspector. 

Electrical, Plumbing, and Gas inspections will be performed by State Inspectors. Work must be done by a licensed contractor. Un-permitted work must have the State Inspector’s consent to proceed without a permit.

The City of Ouray has adopted the 2009 International Building Codes.

Building Department Forms & Permits

For information on planning and land use-related services and forms, visit the Planning Services & Forms page. 

For information on Short-Term Rentals and regulations, please visit the department's dedicated web page.