Land Use & Sign Code Update


Land Use & Sign Code Update

The City of Ouray is undergoing a comprehensive update to the Land Use and Development Code (subdivision and zoning regulations) and Sign Code for the first time since 2013, when the Ouray Municipal Code was last repealed and revised. SEH is working with the City of Ouray to update these codes and will be relying on the Planning Commission to help guide and facilitate this process. This community-based effort will be focused on preparing a code that:

  • Better reflects the Ouray community,
  • Implements the goals and policies of the Ouray Community Plan (2021),
  • Reflects current community development preferences,
  • Clarifies processes, definitions, and administrative provisions,
  • Is easier to navigate, interpret, and convey.

The Planning Commission meets every second Tuesday of the month in the Ouray Community Center (unless otherwise noticed). At these meetings, the Planning Commission will discuss code changes and drafts with representatives from SEH and City Staff - the public is encouraged to attend these meetings to share opinions and thoughts throughout the update process. Drafts and relevant documents will be posted to this webpage below. 

Code Update Resources & Drafts:

Other Resources:

To stay up-to-date on the Code Rewrite process, contact the City’s COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR or fill out the contact form, above.