Planning Services & Forms

The Community Development Director is responsible for implementing City policies that direct the physical development of the City. Policy implementation and project analysis include establishing conformance to local goals for development, adopting Ouray Community Plan policies, ensuring compliance with previously-adopted policies and agreements, and identifying environmental consequences of new development. The Ouray City Community Development Department engages citizens in an ongoing dialogue about the city’s future and plays a central role in guiding the long-term development of the built and natural environment.

In accordance with the Ouray Municipal Code (OMC), a "Preapplication Conference" is often a required first-step for subdivision, site development, and other land use processes. To request a Preapplication Conference with the City's Community Development Director (CDD), please submit a completed Pre-Application Conference request form or contact the CDD directly. 

Please click the following link to be directed to all City-wide Community Development Forms and Permits.

Land Use Permits and Resources:
 - Master Land Use Application - Used for most land-use projects and applications.
 - Ouray Community Plan - 2021
 - Ouray Municipal Code - Land Use & Development (Chapter 7) - Outlining all applicable land use standards, requirements, definitions, and processes.
 - Zone District Dimensional Requirements - Table illustrating setbacks, density, site coverage, height, floor area, etc. for Ouray's Zoning Districts.
 - Maps - Adopted by the City of Ouray
 - APA Colorado Consultant Contact List - Working list of consultants to support local government planning work in the development of affordable housing via HB21-1271.
 - *NEW* Colorado Affordable Housing Developer’s Guide - Provided by Colorado Housing & Finance Authority (CHFA)