Short-Term Rentals

The City has adopted Short-Term Rental Regulations to protect the public health, safety and welfare; preserve the character and ambiance of neighborhoods within the City; prevent adverse impacts attributable to short-term rentals; collect data on short-term rentals; and ensure compatibility with surrounding land uses.

To obtain a license to operate a Short-Term Rental, the owner of the property or their designated authorized agent shall complete an application and submit it for review, along with the non-refundable application fee to the Building Inspector. Prior to submission, it is important that the property owner and manager understand the limitations and regulations that apply to short term rental (STR) properties. 

Short Term Rental Regulations

New License Applicants

Below are resources and tools for new license applications.  Note: Licenses cannot be transferred, so new owners of previously licensed STR properties must complete a new application.  Properties must pass an inspection of applicable code requirements prior to license issuance.  If desired, applicants may contact the building inspector to schedule a courtesy inspection prior to submitting an application (contact information below).

License Renewals

STR licenses expire annually from the date of issuance.  Please submit a completed renewal application and fee prior to expiration.  Note: Re-inspections of the property will be required every two years.  However, staff reserves the right to request an additional inspection as needed to resolve previous conditions or complaints regarding the STR.

License Renewal Application

Contact / Staff Support

For questions related to the building code requirements or scheduling a courtesy inspection, please contact the Building Inspector, Michael Huskey via email at or by phone at 970-325-7063.

For questions related to the STR regulations, application process, existing or new licenses, or any other issues, please contact the Community Development Coordinator, Aja Tibbs via email at or by phone at 970-325-7087.