Community Policing

As stated in our Mission Statement, "The Ouray Police Department is committed to community policing...". For the Ouray Police Department, this is not just an empty statement we promote, but rather is a declaration of our daily working philosophy. We understand that our efforts alone are insufficient, but when partnered with community members, the synergism and collaborative outcome is far transcendent. This symbiotic relationship with the community and policing is far superior for reducing crime than a single officer could ever do on his or her own. The famous declaration by Sir Robert Peel of the London Metro Police Department in the 1800s rings just as true now as it did then, "The police are the public and the public are the police". To more effectively serve the residents and visitors of Ouray, we created four community policing programs in 2014 that have extensively been worked since.

If you'd like to participate and keep in touch with the officers of Ouray PD, you can email them at this address: